Weekends is September mean that fall fairs are in full steam.  We always enjoy hitting up the Topsfield Fair, America’s oldest agricultural fair.  We enjoy seeing the farm animals, checking out the large pumpkins, taking that fall family pic, a few rides, best in show winners, get my fair food fix and of course the people watching. 

So we have some exciting news to share…

Big Sister

Daniella is going to be a BIG sister, to not one but two little sisters.  Yes, you read that right, two.  Ileana and I are having identical twin girls.

[A Few Weeks Prior] We were excited to go in for the first doctors appointment and see the new addition to the family.  The doctor was doing her thing looking around to make sure everything looked normal.  It was so exciting to see the baby up on the screen and Daniella was with us taking it all in.  As the doctor was taking a few last pictures she rotated the device to get another angle and that is when she said to my wife, “Oh, so this is why you have not been feeling good.” My wife shot up, tried to look at the monitor and said “Don’t even tell me I’m having twins.”  That was followed up with a big congratulations from the doctor.

It was certainly something we needed a little time to process.  All every exciting news, but there is that “wow” factor when you think it’s one and find out it is two.

[Fast Forward To Today]  The more people you talk to, the more people you find out have twins, are a twin or have a close family/friend who is a twin and can talk with them about it.  Having identical twin is something very special that we are look forward to.

Daniella has already named them Elsa and Belle (two of her favorite Disney characters) and is so ecstatic about being a big sister.  For the announcement we wanted Daniella to help broadcast the news.  I thought that I would work in her love of making pizzas with the big sister recipe.  Doing the shoot was so much fun and had Auntie Daniella take the amazing photos.

I know that we have some twin mommies out there, so I need your help! Do you have any good twin blogs you read? Or books and articles? Please pass them on, we need to start preparing 😀

Hi Everyone,

So I had an idea of starting a blog. Why? Well I thought it would be a fun way to share my experiences of being a dad/father to a couple amazing bambine (girls). Being a father is the best thing ever and I enjoy every moment…even the dumpy ones.

I am not exactly sure what road this whole blogging thing will go down or how long I will do it for, but I hope to share some experiences that keep you coming back. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would become a blogger partly because writing isn’t my best talent, so bare with me as I grow in this new found hobby. 





I came across this App, because I was looking for some creative ways to get Daniella to eat.  Daniella likes to eat with the cat as he eats his bowl of food and feed the cat.  The cat repeats whatever you say, so there are times I will give the cat demands to say to Daniella like, “Have another bite” and she will listen to the cat.  Not the best situation in the world to be in, but just a thought with any struggling eaters out there.

– Talk to Ginger: Speak and he will repeat what you say in his cute voice.
– Play with Ginger: Cuddle, tickle or poke Ginger to see his funny reactions.
– Eat with Ginger: Feed him snacks or use the special ‘meal time’ button to eat together.
– Record Ginger: Record videos of Ginger having fun and share them with your friends.
– Celebrate with Ginger: Blow the party whistle for as long as you can.
– Play the mini-game: See how many birthday candles you can blow out before the timer runs out.
– Win free snacks: Get a free spin of the Fortune Wheel every 24 hours, or earn snacks within the app.
– Unlock rewards: Keep playing with Ginger to unlock more than 50 different jigsaw puzzle images.

Disclosure: This post is not sponsored.

Let me know if this sounds familiar….You now have the cutest baby in the world and you are running out of storage on your phone with all of the pictures and videos you are taking.  You also share a majority of your pictures via text messages, iPhoto, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, etc.  All of these pictures are sent out on these different platforms for different reasons.  You have probably also said to yourself, am I posting too frequently?  If you are asking yourself that question, the answer is probably yes.

Before our daughters birth I spent some time researching photo sharing apps outside of social media.  I wanted something that was free, had a lot of functionality, could control permissions, keep it private and easy to share with family and friends.  I then found Tinybeans, which is a private and free photo and video sharing app for iPhone and Android that allows you to easily share photos and videos with friends and family members.

I also love that my wife and I both have access to upload pictures to the App.  Family members can go check out the app during the day to see the latest or as my parents do, open the app up in the morning to see everything that happened the day before,  An email is also sent out to the group with a daily recap.  You can track milestones , it is can be used for multiple kids and you can share right to your social accounts.  I also like just going in and looking back in time in the calendar view and seeing all of the infant moments.

Fun features:
– CALENDAR VIEW: view every moment in your baby journal by date
– FLASHBACK: see how your tiny beans looked on the same date a year ago
– EASY PHOTO EDITING: add text, filters and other cool effects
– PHOTO BOOKS: order prints, albums, books & more. Makes great gifts!
– SAFE & SECURE: your baby’s story is safely backed up in the cloud
– MILESTONE TRACKER: track your pregnancy and child’s growth and development

There are a ton of features that I did not mention, but would certainly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a photo/video solution for their kids.  If you use other apps feel free to leave me a comment.

Tinybeans Site



What is EmilyTube?

Emily is a tiny tot is just a normal three year old girl whose parents decided to film her playing with her toys and doing normal toddler activities.  My daughter is fascinated by Emily Tube, where she can be seen playing with her siblings, usually with a range of toys, she will just amuse herself in various skits for her millions of viewers.

Final Thoughts

It does not rank well if you are looking for educational value.  However if you need a 5 minutes to put stuff away Emily Tube is an option.

Emily Tube