The different types of microwaves that equip our kitchens today have come a long way since I was a kid. This essential appliance is available as a countertop microwave, as a built-in microwave over the stove, or as a microwave drawer. I have had all of these types over the years and it’s easy to see why microwave drawers are so popular! They are the ultimate in form and function.

ZLINE Microwave Drawer

If you have been thinking of adding a microwave drawer to your island, do it! This ZLINE model is the ultimate in form and function.

The ZLINE microwave drawer in my island is by far one of the most useful appliances in my kitchen. I love that is below eye level for a minimalist look, the beautiful black stainless steel, and luxury kitchen design aesthetics.  The drawer function is super easy to use with convenient cooking settings that even my kids can reach and operate with the touch of a button. They love being able to pop their own popcorn with the popcorn quick cook setting!

Extra Countertop Space

Zline Microwave Popcorn ButtonAnother big benefit of going with a microwave drawer is that it has freed up additional countertop space that gives me more room for entertaining, and food preparation. The extra space on the counter also makes room for some other small appliances that I use on a regular basis. Besides, I like my kitchen counters to be clutter-free (as much as possible), and it definitely meets that goal.

Functionality Meets Accessibility









Most homeowners can install the microwave draw themselves if you have an existing space to put them in. Or you may need to hire a carpenter for any additional framing your microwave drawer might require like we did. We sacrificed some existing drawers at the end of our island, but it was well worth it.  If we were getting new cabinets installed I would definitely makes sure to have a space reserved for a microwave drawer and an outlet built-in.

Modern, Sleek & Stylish

Luxury is definitely made attainable with the ZLINE Professional Microwave Drawer. Seamlessly integrate this cooking essential to perfectly fit into your kitchen design with  flexible placement options so you can focus on the design elements you prefer by maximizing sight-lines and enabling more design versatility than typical built-in, over-the-range or countertop microwaves.  Enjoy an easily-accessible LCD button display and an effortless open and close operation. This top loading microwave drawer provides unmatched convenience and space-saving qualities to enhance your kitchen experience. Make every meal a masterpiece with superb professional cooking with 11 power levels, multiple defrost settings, and 1,000 watt cooking power

In my opinion, there are very few reasons you wouldn’t want to own a microwave drawer. In fact, you get all the benefits of any other microwave oven, but the drawer provides a few more.

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Keenz was kind enough to send us one of their 7s model multi-purpose stroller wagons to review and we couldn’t be more excited! With 3 kids to cart around along with all of the gear in tow, this wagon was simply a MUST! Our double stroller works well, but the Twins love the freedom of being in the wagon, plus big sister also fits in there. Keenz wagons not only have stroller certification and two 5-point harnesses but also come with so many amazing features! Keenz currently has four different colors to choose from (black, grey, purple, and green) and I chose gray.

UPDATE: We are going with the 2018 VW Atlas

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