A good nights sleep is a vital, often neglected, component of every person’s overall health and well-being. Sleep is important because it enables the body to repair and be fit and ready for another day. 

“Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I’m reborn.” – Gandhi

We moved into a new house a month ago and one of the first things my wife I wanted to treat ourselves to was a king size bed.  Our queen bed suited us fine for the few years we had it, but with the twins getting bigger and finding their way into our bed at night, it was time for some extra space. 

I also find myself a little more worn out these days now that I am working from home full time, helping with remote home school, cooking meals, replenishing snacks, along with changing batteries and diapers.  

To help recharge my body and get a good nights sleep I started my research on all of the mattresses that are out there.  After reading many reviews, comparing features, and talking with other friends of mine about what mattress they have I decided to try and want to share with you my experience with the mattress brand named Lull. I’m sure most of you have heard of it before, but if not, or even if you have,  I’m here to share a few details about the brand!

  1. I loved how quickly the shipping was. We also went with the foundation because we like being a little higher off the ground. It showed up to my house in a large rectangle box vacuum-sealed together.  Unfortunately our bed frame wasn’t in yet so it had to sit the garage for a couple days.  I was ready to open it up and lay it on the floor. 

    Lull Mattress Unboxing

  2. Unpacking it was super quick and easy. It would have been much faster without all of my helpers, but still very quick considering.  It is amazing how they can squeeze such a big item into a compressed size box. I think the kids favorite part was with it was rolled out and started to rise up.  
  3. I love the feel of the memory foam mattress. We had a pillow top mattress prior to this and it does feel different, but you get used to it, especially when you realize how it begins to form to your body. It truly is so soft, but it’s also not too soft. It’s firm, but not too firm. It’s right there in the middle. You can FEEL the cooling from the gel-infused memory foam, which is great for someone that runs hot like me 😍Trying to get a good nights sleep

The Lull Mattress is made from three layers of the highest quality foam available.

  • The 1.5″ gel-infused memory foam cooling top layer absorbs and distributes body heat while supporting pressure points.
  • A 1.5″ foam blend transition layer offers support and motion distribution, without the sinking sensation.
  • The 7” polyurethane foam foundation offers durability, added support, and prevents sagging.

All in all, this mattress is amazing and I highly recommend doing your body a favor and upgrading your sleep.  I look forward to going to sleep at night now, it’s like the highlight of my night. The only problem is that when I get into bed to catch up on a show I am out in about 10 minutes!  

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Sweet dreams

Lull Mattress Review

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