Life is about to get a little hectic, okay, a lot hectic. Well actually it is already pretty hectic. We are packing up our house and preparing to say goodbye to our beloved first house next week!

I will write another post at a later date about how all of this went down, but for now I am just going to write about the rollercoaster of emotions I get when saying goodbye to our first home.  The one we brought all of our babies home to.  Goodbye to amazing neighbors and community. The countless hours of sweat and labor to transform it to fit our growing family’s needs. It has been a happy and sad time for our family all at once.

It’s crazy how a home can feel so alive. 

How you become so emotionally attached and dependent on its presence in your life. Over time it seems to develop a personality and you interact with it not as you would a soulless structure, but rather as a family member who just doesn’t speak.

At times it even feels like you’re in a long-term relationship with your home, going through ups and downs and learning about all the quirks that make it unique.

The memories

Each night when the kids go to sleep my wife and I chip away at the packing.  I stand and look around at the rooms that are becoming stacked with boxes, but can still see all of the life that was lived here.

As I walk around from room to room:

I can see the first steps 

I can see our home turning into a dance studio and beauty salon.  

I can see Friday pizza nights

I can see the backyard turning into an amusement park during a pandemic to keep them entertained 

I can see so many sweet moments between my kids.  Because at times like this you don’t remember the fighting.  You remember the laughing and the hugging

I can see our evening routine – giving them a bath and putting them in their PJs.   It signals the day is winding down and we are all home for the night.  Together.

I can see all three of my babies. 

They grew right in front of my eyes in this house.

It’s not hard to say good-bye to a house.  It’s hard to say good-bye to special memories and to the end of an era.  A really happy era that I will tuck away and treasure in my heart forever.  

The kids have been feeling it too.  Daniella is excited about the new house and getting her own room, but I know she will miss bunking with her sisters.  She has met a friend on our new street who is in her Kindergarten class, but I know leaving our neighbors who have become like family to us will probably be the hardest thing for her to say goodbye to. 

So while we feel blessed to be moving into our new home, we are definitely going through a bit of a transition that will just take some time to adjust.  We look forward to all of the new memories that will be made within the walls of our new home and will always cherish those from our first home.  

They say you never forget your first home and I never will. I also have no regrets leaving her, because the house we took care of and made our home will now serve a family who will give it an entirely new life under their caretaking.

Thank you for everything #32 <3

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