We finally upgraded the living room with a Ruggable rug!
I know what you are thinking…why would you do that with three little ones, right? 

Well we finally found something that is really good looking and practical at the same time. This is a Ruggable rug which is stain resistant, waterproof  and non-toxic 

Ruggable Camellia Jade Rug
(Ruggable – Camellia Jade)

We spend a lot of time in this room and looking forward to getting a real fire going, decorating for Christmas and not worrying so much about a little spill here and there, because this rug is machine washable…. so spill away kids (and dad).

Ruggable Rug

There are so many selections to choose from. This one is Camellia Jade and the awesome thing is that the patented two-piece system makes it non-slip and easy to remove for changing out designs!

Check out their website  www.ruggable.com and use my Ruggable promo code BAMBINE15 for 15% off your entire order!


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