So we have some exciting news to share…

Big Sister

Daniella is going to be a BIG sister, to not one but two little sisters.  Yes, you read that right, two.  Ileana and I are having identical twin girls.

[A Few Weeks Prior] We were excited to go in for the first doctors appointment and see the new addition to the family.  The doctor was doing her thing looking around to make sure everything looked normal.  It was so exciting to see the baby up on the screen and Daniella was with us taking it all in.  As the doctor was taking a few last pictures she rotated the device to get another angle and that is when she said to my wife, “Oh, so this is why you have not been feeling good.” My wife shot up, tried to look at the monitor and said “Don’t even tell me I’m having twins.”  That was followed up with a big congratulations from the doctor.

It was certainly something we needed a little time to process.  All every exciting news, but there is that “wow” factor when you think it’s one and find out it is two.

[Fast Forward To Today]  The more people you talk to, the more people you find out have twins, are a twin or have a close family/friend who is a twin and can talk with them about it.  Having identical twin is something very special that we are look forward to.

Daniella has already named them Elsa and Belle (two of her favorite Disney characters) and is so ecstatic about being a big sister.  For the announcement we wanted Daniella to help broadcast the news.  I thought that I would work in her love of making pizzas with the big sister recipe.  Doing the shoot was so much fun and had Auntie Daniella take the amazing photos.

I know that we have some twin mommies out there, so I need your help! Do you have any good twin blogs you read? Or books and articles? Please pass them on, we need to start preparing 😀

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