The end of August was capped off with Auntie Daniella’s wedding.  Yes, for those of you who do not know my daughter Daniella was named after her.  My wife was the Maid of Honor, I was a Groomsman and our daughter was THE Flower Girl.

It was a beautiful weekend up at Bedford Farms in Bedford, New Hampshire.  Daniella has been looking forward to this day ever since she was asked be a flower girl.  Over the past few months she has been talking about it non-stop and practicing throwing flower petals down as she walks.

Rehearsal Day

The wedding ceremony took place in a beautiful garden, with entrances off to the side so it was important for her to do a dry run and get used to the new surroundings.

[TIP] Pack Snacks – Because rehearsals sometimes can run on a little bit with the coordinator running through logistics with the bride and groom I kept some fruit snacks in my pocket to keep Daniella at peace during this time.  Fruit snacks are her reward treat for doing something good and can get her to snap out out being moody.  I know they are not the best thing in the world for kids, but I try and buy the good ones and keep them handy for times like this.

At the rehearsal dinner Daniella enjoyed running around and mixing it up with the older kids.  She certainly is not afraid of the big kids.  To cap off the night she was presented with some awesome gifts for being the flower girl; a kimono, a pin and some other goodies.

Wedding Day

On the day of the wedding I focused on getting a full breakfast in with Daniella, because it was going to be a long day, probably without a nap and not much eating.  Breakfast is her best meal of the day.  I made her a soft boiled egg with some crispy pancetta bits, strawberries and peanut butter on an English Muffin.

Daniella could not wait to get to the bridal suite to get pampered with the girls in her new kimono.  As the girls got their hair and makeup done and drank prosecco, Daniella was talking up a storm, playing with her dolls and trying to sample all of the different make up.

Getting Ready


Taking Duncan For A Quick Walk
Auntie, Dunc & Daniella Having A Moment
My Crown

As the big moment was minutes away, I was singled that the plan had changed from Daniella walking down the aisle by herself to now going down with Mommy. After the procession of groomsmen and bridesmaids it was (little) Daniella’s moment.  Mommy had Daniella in one hand and Duncan the Pug in the other.  They did a great job on their walk, stole many hearts and had the cameras snapping away.

My Girl
Coming Down
I did it
Checking The Newlyweds Out

Of course the beautiful bride was still to come, but the flower girl did her duty and laid the path for Aunty to find her Hubby.

We partied all night and tore up the dance floor.  Daniella has a lot of energy and has no problem staying up late and partying with the big kids.  We are pretty chill about the whole bed time thing, especially during special occasions.  Everyone wanted their chance to cut in and dance with the little flower girl who loves to twirl.  It was an awesome weekend and such a proud moment for a dad to see his little flower girl having so much fun.

Coming Out To Despacito



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